Power Flushing

Kamco Power Flushing

This is the technique used for moving corrosion within central heating systems that has built up to the point where it is blocking or seriously impeding the flow of hot water. It's really easy to diagnose this kind of problem, you'll find your radiators are either completely cold when the heating is on, or show a bell shaped cold patch at the bottom and in the middle, the flow of hot water only successfully navigating the edge of the rad.

Power flushing uses an alternating flow of flushing chemicals to dislodge these collections of magentite (rust) - we use a Kamco Quantum CF90 machine which is a top of the line device, we also have a magnetic filter which will pull the rust out of suspension and gives an excellent visual indication of the progress being made. In extreme cases, a rad hammer may also be employed which physically agitates the rust at the same time as the flush.

Powerflush Results

A full house flush starts at £450 plus VAT inclusive of chemicals and takes a good day for an average sized property.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk to the customer.

Check out kamco.co.uk for more details.

Our Customers Say

"Really pleased with my new boiler - Thank you, the powerflush has totally transformed my heating"

Mrs Edwards, Church Stretton

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